Wednesday, May 20, 2009

"Interpreter of Maladies" by Tina Das

Page 48 of Interpreter of Maladies “Interpreter of Maladies”

1st person point of view from Tina’s perspective

I am bored. The car just keeps going and going on these thin roads. When will we be there already? Bobby and Ronny start looking out the windows screaming. I look over and see these furry animals hanging from the trees. I think they’re called monkeys. Daddy takes some pictures of them. When we start to drive away, I am bored again, but I see Mommy take out some nail polish.

“Mine too. Mommy, do mine too,” I say.

She tells me to leave her alone. It seems like Mommy never cares about me. She is always doing things for herself and never for me. When Mommy took me to the bathroom, she didn’t even hold my hand. Then she tells me that I’m making her mess up. I am upset and bored so I start to button and unbutton the pinafore on Dolly. I don’t want to talk to Mommy right now. I just want to get there already. Whatever there is.

The car is starting to bounce up and down and Daddy is talking with the others about things I don’t understand. I want to understand what they’re talking about. I took off Dolly’s clothes and banged her against the seat. I hear the driver mention something called Dallas.

“What’s Dallas?” I ask. I start banging Dolly harder against the seat.

Daddy tells me that it is a TV show that is off the air. I don’t know what he means, but I don’t ask more questions. Will we get there already?


  1. I really like your interpretation of Tina. I like how you make Tina not know anything. When I read the story, my group thought that Tina was just annoying but you gave her a point in the story. Nice job with making her not know what complex things were.


  2. I like this because you made Tina perspective very detailed of how she feels and understands things. This was well written in 1st person and it is creative how you made it. This could be another way to have the page written.

  3. I liked your point of view a lot. Your changes provide a clear insight into Tina. I especially liked that you chose to do such a young character. It was hard to get a grasp of Tina when I first read the story, but your point of view clears this up. It is hard to realize how complex the thing going on where, but through her view it was easy to see.

  4. This is a very descriptive and creative way of the story through Mr. Das's eyes. It really shows how Tina doesn't know much about where she is. It is done with many details and you do a great job showing and not telling. This story really flows nicely and it is well done.